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Bundesliga (Austria)
Restarted on June 2
2. Liga (Austria)
Restarted on June 5
ÖFB-Cup (Austria)
Completed (Cup winner: Red Bull Salzburg)
Jupiler Pro League (Belgium)
Cancelled (Champion: Club Brugge)
Chinese Super League (China)
Set to begin on July 25
Premier League (England)
Restarted on June 17
Championship (England)
Restarted on June 20
FA Cup (England)
Restarted on June 27
League Cup (England)
Completed (Cup winner: Manchester City)
FA Women's Soccer League (England)
Cancelled (Champion: FC Chelsea)
Champions League (Europe)
Restart on August 7
Europa League (Europe)
Restart on August 5
European Championship (Europe)
Moved to 2021
European Championship Playoffs (Europe)
Restart on October 8
UEFA Woman's EURO (Europe)
Moved to 2022
Ligue 1 (France)
Cancelled (Champion: Paris Saint-Germain)
Ligue 2 (France)
Cancelled (Champion: FC Lorient)
Coupe de France (France)
Restart on July 24
Bundesliga (Germany)
Completed (Champion: FC Bayern Munich)
2. Bundesliga (Germany)
Completed (Champion: Arminia Bielefeld)
3. Liga (Germany)
Completed (Champion: FC Bayern Munich II)
DFB Pokal (Germany)
Completed (Cup winner: FC Bayern Munich)
Regionalliga Nord (Germany)
Cancelled (Champion: VfB Lübeck)
Regionalliga Nordost (Germany)
Cancelled (Champion: Lokomotive Leipzig)
Regionalliga West (Germany)
Cancelled (Champion: SV Rödinghausen)
Regionalliga Südwest (Germany)
Cancelled (Champion: 1. FC Saarbrücken)
Regionalliga Bayern (Germany)
Postponed indefinitely
Bundesliga (Women) (Germany)
Completed (Champion: VfL Wolfsburg)
Serie A (Italy)
Restarted on June 20
Serie B (Italy)
Restarted on June 19
Coppa Italia (Italy)
Completed (Cup winner: SSC Napoli)
J-League (Japan)
Restarted on July 4
Eredivisie (Netherlands)
Liga NOS (Portugal)
Restarted on June 3
Premier Liga (Russia)
Restarted on June 19
Scottish Premiership (Scotland)
Cancelled (Champion: Celtic FC)
La Liga (Spain)
Restarted on June 11
La Liga 2 (Spain)
Restarted on June 12
Copa del Rey (Spain)
Final postponed indefinitely
Super League (Switzerland)
Restarted on June 19
Challenge League (Switzerland)
Restarted on June 19
Schweizer Cup (Switzerland)
Restarted on June 14
Superlig (Turkey)
Restarted on June 12
Restarted on July 8